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Vintage Linen Sachets

All of our sachets on this page are made from vintage linens that have been washed, pressed and sewn into a unique sachet. Each one features the beautiful handiwork of many yesterdays, made by a person of long ago.

Each of these vintage linen sachets is one of a kind . Please phone us if you are looking for certain colors or designs so we can find the perfect sachet for you. PHONE: 802.592.3111

Lavender Bud Sachets: These sachets contain dried lavender flowers, known to retain their scent for a long time. You can place these sachets in a drawer, under a bed pillow, in your work desk or car.  Just crush the lavender buds to renew and release their wonderful perfume!
Lavender Spray
Sachet from Yesterday: Each “Sachet From Yesterday” is unique and features it's own special designs and colors.  These are approximately 8 inches long by 4 inches wide.
Sweet Pillow: A medium sixed vintage linen sachet, also filled with lavender buds.   These are approximately 5 inches long by 5 inches wide.
Sweet pillow
Sweet Bag: A small vintage linen sachet, also filled with lavender buds, approximately 4 inches by 2 1/2 inches.
Sweet Bag

Moth AwayMoth Away Linen Sachet : Each sachet is created from a vintage linen and filled with a proprietary blend of herbs to protect your linens and sweaters all year through. These sachets have a wonderfully spicy and earthy scent.

Moth Away Sachet:



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